Dr. Tom Williams, received his education/PhD from UC Berkeley in Geology/Zoology. His important oil and gas experiences include the following:

Important Oil and Gas Experiences

US Corps of Engineers, Louisiana Gulf-Baton Rouge Environmental/Mineral Resources Development Plan

Chevron/Morro Bay Import terminal and Pipelines - SFB/LA

Kettleman Hills/Coalinga Oil and Gas Reserves, Geology, and Paleontology

Elk Hills Naval Strategic Reserves, Production and Transmission Plan and Assessment

LA-Midland/Odessa Alaskan Crude Oil Terminal and Pipeline Plan and Assessment

ARCO refinery Shell Refiners Wilmington/Carson redevelopment

Parson Corp Endicott Arctic Ocean Oil Platform Plan, Design, and Construction Management

Downtown LA Oil Fields and Contamination, Environmental Supervisor, LA Metro Rail, Red Line, Phase 1

Philippines Oil/Energy, Geology, and Export Potentials

Sacramento Natural Gas Storage Facility Plan and Assessment

SoCalGas Co. Gas Storage Facilities, Montebello and Playa Del Rey Plan and Divestures

UAE Dubai Oil Geology and Gas Storage

CEQA Documents Review and Comments for CEQA and Applications, DOGGR Distr. 1, 2, & 4

James Dahlgren, MD, is a board certified internist, retired assistant professor from UCLA School of Medicine.  He has been in private practice in internal medicine with a sub specialty in toxicology for forty years.  He has studied and treated thousands of patients with toxic chemical injuries including number victims of toxic chemical poisoning, including the subjects dramatized in the Erin Brockovich movie.  

Currently, Dr. Dahlgren has been treating and evaluating people with exposures of oil field chemicals since the 1970s.  He is currently evaluating data from people living near the Baldwin Hills oil field.

Paul Ferrazzi is the Executive Director Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community