Dr. Elaine Hagopian is Professor Emerita of Sociology, Simmons College, Boston. She was awarded two Fulbright Hayes Faculty Research Grants to do research in the Middle East; held appointments with UNICEF in the United Arab Emirates and with UNESCO throughout the Levant and Gulf to do a Feasibility Study for a Palestine Open University. She has traveled to and lived in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan for periods of time from 1971 on. Her publications focus on issues in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria as well as the Civil Rights of Arabs and Muslims in America.

Hesham Haggag Ami is an Egyptian from Luxor which is in the southern part of Egypt --Land of the :Pharaohs. He is a graduate from Oxford and an economist.
Mr Haggag Ami was the CEO of TechInt, a major pipeline construction company where he was involved with 60 percent of the major pipelines around the world, Some of the countries, where TechInt constructed pipeline where, Russia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, to name a few. Currently and for the last 5 years he is in charge of a project, he devised to build affordable homes in Egypt.

Mr. Haggag Ami is politically active and loves Egypt, with all his heart.