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November 2012

Harry Fear - Documentary Maker and Activist, Currently Reporting From Gaza.

Harry Fear is a documentary maker and activist, currently reporting from Gaza. And will be my guest on Wednesday, from Gaza.

Gaza Report syndicates the Gaza-based journalism of Harry Fear and chronicles his times in the Strip. Read the rest of entry »

Grant Smith Discusses his Book Divert! Which Details Diversion of Nuclear Material to Israel

Grant Smith is the director of the The Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep). IRMEP is a Washington-based nonprofit organization that studies US-Middle East policy formulation. Founded in 2002, the Institute became an independent private non-profit tax-exempt organization in 2003. IRmep's Center for Policy & Law Enforcement examines how balanced and vigorous law enforcement can improve trade, economic development and America's international standing. IRmep's Israel Lobby Archive documents and provides citizen access to initiatives of one of the most harmful forces driving policy formulation in the US political process.
Read the rest of entry »

Special: Voices from Palestine (Part 1)

This ongoing series consists of interviews of Palestinians, living in East Jersusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The interviews were conducted by Donna Nassor. while in Palestine, last November. Read the rest of entry »
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