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December 2012

2012 Political Year End Review

Today, I'll do my 2012 Political Year- End Review. Issues: Travyvon Martin, Sandy Hook massacre, gun violence/control, re-election of President Obama, Arab Spring, etc...

And, open phones at the half hour -- I'd like to hear from you: what is your most salient political issue for 2012,

Prince Abdul Ali Seraj, Gives Us An Update on Afghanistan

Prince Abdul Ali Seraj is a direct descendant of nine generations of Kings of Afghanistan. He is the nephew of His Majesty King Amanullah (1919-1929), who was known as the Victor of Afghanistan, the grandson of His Majesty Amir Habibullah (1901-1919), and the great-grandson of His Majesty Amir Abdurrahman (1880-1901), who was known as the Iron King. His ancestry continues back for ten generations to His Majesty Amir Dost Mohammad, who assumed the throne in 1827. The Seraj part of Prince Ali's name comes from the title given to King Habibullah -- 'Seraj -ul- Millat wa deen' (Light of the Nation and Religion).

He resides in Kabul and in our interview, Prince Seraj will give us an update on the status of things in Afghanistan. Read the rest of entry »

UN, Special Rapporteur, Richard Falk,Talks About His Recent Visit to Gaza.

Richard Falk's, Press Release to the United Nations: Israel Must Abide By Cease-Fire Agreement in the Gaza Strip

Read the rest of entry »

Author, Larry Baker, pays tribute to Harry Chapin and talks about his book, Love and Other Delusions

Larry's novel, A GOOD MAN (2009), was nominated for “Book of the Year” by the Southeast Independent Booksellers Association in 2010.

We discuss his work of fiction, LOVE AND OTHER DELUSIONS.

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