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November 2014

David Frank Talks About His Plan to Restore America's Voice

View David Frank's plan here:


Founder of the Center for Progressive Economics, Mark Pash, Talks About The Economy

Mark grew up and worked in two separate family businesses: one in manufacturing and the other in retail sales.Mark went on to receive two business degrees from  UCLA and USC. He is certified master planner and over the past 40 years has been very active in  the financial industry.  Mark has founded a number of financial organizations and has served as an officer of various corporations and associations.  His extensive background  brings a grounded understanding to the practical and theoretical àspects to the field of economics.  Mark was a congressional candidate in 1996.

Check out the Center for Progressive Economics here: http://cpe.us.com/

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Neely Fuller Tells The Do's And Don'ts For Black People

Neely Fuller is the author of The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept.  This Code/book is a Compensatory counter- racist codified word guide.
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